The history

1941 Born in Pianezza from an Hungarian father and an Italian mother, he inherits the love for visual art, painting and sculpture from his father.
1969 He is in Pariswhere he wins the Grand Prix with a personal exhibition at the Galérie Duncan – Rue de Seine
1970 He makes exhibitions in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Hardford and Baltimora.
1971 His first exhibition in Portofino
1972 He dedicates to the racing driver Nino Farina, the first world champion of Formula 1 the painting now shown in the Head Office of the Automobile Club of Turin.
1973 He paints and signs the first Suzuki RV 90 imported in Italy, shown at the Fiera of Milano and then installed in the building of Suzuki Head Office, in Japan.
1983 He begins his co-operation with UNICEF with a big and spectacular exhibition in Rome, at the Castelluccia
1984 Exhibition at the Laforet Museum of Tokio
1985 Upon invitation of the French Association Bilan de l’Art Contemporaine he makes an exhibition in Dallas, Texas
1986 He makes the painting for the Monastery of the Franciscan Fathers of Baccanello (Bergamo) representing a blessing Pope John XXIII
1987 He makes a portrait of the First Lady of United States, Nancy Regan
1988 It starts another own exhibition area in Santa Margherita
1989 He exhibits at the “Centre Pompidou” in Paris
1990 He paints the official work celebrating the European Community Union
1991 Opens the art exhibition in Portofino
1992 Some of his works appear in elementary school textbooks. His artistic Calendar printed becomes a collection article
1994 He opens a Studio and an Agency in New York
1995 He wins the Award Gold Metal at the Artdex International in Seattle, for the best cultural message of the year; He takes part successfully to the Artexpo of New York and Las Vegas
1996 With a sumptuous ceremony at Villa Durazzo he is named “Artistic Ambassador of Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure in the world”
1997 He exhibits as “Honour Guest” at the Hofstra University of New York
1998 Exhibition in the sixteenth century Palazzo Scaglia di Verrua – Turin. Honour guess at Hofstra University – New York. Permanently at Spring Lake Gallery – New Jersey
1999 The City Council of Pianezza organises and hosts a wide anthological exhibition of his works in the nice halls of the City Council Building Honour Guess at Seton University – New Jersey
2000 Honour Guest – Nassau Country University of New York
2001 Art exhibition at Crans-Ambassador, Crans-Montana – CH
2004 The City of Sanremo organises a his exhibition in the halls of the Casinò
2005 Valle d’Itria, Ceglie Messapica. for the first time, contemporary works with old trullo
2006 Winter Olympic Games Torino -The painting “Together to win” is the Olympic trophy’s log
2007 He comes back in the Studio at Portofino.
The painting ” The flame” becomes the Italian emblem for the future Olympic Games – Publication of his first work, two monographic volumes, Stendhal Editor.
2008 Torino, International Forum of Historic Vehicles. One of his painting is the logo of the Forum. Meltzeid is the speaker theme : “Automobile – Work of Art”
2009 Pescara XVI Mediterranean Games. First exhibition in ‘Casa Italia’.

St. Petersburg, Galleria Sarebrjakova, permanent show.

2010 Johannesburg, Football World Cup, exhibition in Casa Italia.

Vancouver, Canada. XXI Winter Olympic Games, show and catalogue, Casa Italia CONI.

2011 Rome, 150th Anniversary – United Italy- three exhibitions: Chiostro Bramante, Domus Talenti and Lab. Mediteraneum.

Venice, presence at the 54th Biennale, “Galleria Primopiano”. Permanent show.

2012 London, XXX Olympic Games, Casa Italia CONI, exhibition and catalogue. His Artistic Calendar has been published continuously for twenty years.

Porshe Italy, Meltzeid personalized a Panarea vehicle. The picture on the bonnet of a Cayman is one of Meltzeid’s work of art, part of the “Bonnet Author’s Collection”, see catalogue.
A third monographic volume of his work is published, Stendhal Editor.

2013 July, private exhibition. Castello di Mango [CN], with three Classic Music concerts.

September, the painting “Isotta la legganda” is the Logo for the Car Elegance Competition, hosted at Valentino Castle, Torino -promoted by ASI.

He creates a painting for the 110th Anniversary or the Harley Davidson. In October the Tigullio Art Studio comes back on the cost of St. Margherita Ligure. November, in Milan is presented a preview of “Il Mozzico”, the first of five paintings which will be exhibited at the Universal Art Expo 2015.

December, Milan, personal exhibition at the Galleria Statuto 13, Brera.
December, Rome, exhibition of all the work regarding the game of Golf, at the Laura Biagiotti’s Club House Marco Simone.

December, Bari, exhibition of cromoarteterapeutica {Art Therapy} – Polymedic Center.

2014 May, China, exhibition at the Asian Contemporary Art Fair – Hong Kong-.

In 45 years of activity he has done over 300 personal exhibitions.

Since the year 2000 there is a complete updated website on the Net.

Guglielmo Meltzeid is painter, sculptor and graphic designer. He was born in Pianezza – Turin where still lives. In beyond thirty years of artistic activity he has achieved numerous prizes between which the prestigious Award Gold Medal to the Seattle’s Artdex International. He is the artistic Ambassador of Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure in the world. He collaborates with various American Universities.